What do you expect from art? Is it experimentation, exploration, wondering, discovering something new? Skills, ingenuity and beauty? Does it have to be something tangible or visible? Or is it just a treat?

Hi! I am Rami Kangas. I would be born in Finland, but cosmopolitan in my soul. I like to experiment, and I call myself as a hybrid-artist. In addition to ideas, the most important tools for my expression among images are writings, and sounds. My last name Kangas refers to textiles in Finnish language, also to fibres, and coniferous forest. Oddly enough, my first name also refers to textiles. It is a Chinese herb whose fibres are used in fire hoses. Maybe all this has a purpose. Not forgetting all the other interesting things that the universe has to offer.

Welcome to my site along hybrid ideas!
– Rami


What does it mean if reality is hybrid? Can it mean that one part of the story would be true and the other part a lie, or that part is true, part is hope? I think reality is a journey of exploration. It’s always on the move. Its direction is where we are heading it. Reality can reflect pleasurable things, but the best reality comes up where pain and ugliness take roles, too.

My purpose is to interpret and study, to listen and be in voice, to sketch and present. The education I chose and experience I’ve gained have not followed any traditional paths. I worked for a long time in a remote context to culture. Still, I have studied humanities: history, musicology, art history, and violin playing. The techniques of drawing and art were once taught to me in the United States by two great teachers, Ken Andersson and Bob Artley. For years, some of the ideas have been lurking and waiting to come to life. Spheres, fabrics, shapes and dimensions of space, rough surfaces, rough shapes or precise surfaces and precise shapes. The making of the circles began as early as 1992.

My mission is to consider what is to come. Now something is bubbling under, the next thing it is a surprising hybrid, before it becomes normal. Then, the next change is already taking shape.


There is power in sound. As music, it is structured.
Here I update my audio-related work.


This is where I write about new ideas: news, thoughts, text, image, sound and discussion.


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