The Singularity Tunnel

The Singularity Tunnel is a vision of a space that transforms to its point of disappearance.
In terms of proportions, it is comprehensible for humans. The entrance hall measures 12 x 12 meters (39,4 x 39,4 ft). It continues for 72 meters (236 ft) until it ends. The space narrows at its edges and the roof lowers in the same proportion the further you go. Shortly before the end of the space, the standing height is no longer possible. The surrounding space at that point is also remarkably narrow.

Would you dare to crawl, reach your hand out to the darkness, and feel the limits of the point of disappearance?

The space is also a dissertation on the change of sound from echo to non-echo. Sound, which consists of reflections on the surfaces of space and the slow movement of sound waves, is always changing and interacting. The space can also be felt with the eyes closed. The sound gives clues as to the size of the space and how the space changes from large to small. Disappearingly small.

Singularity means many things. In technology, it is said to be the moment when machines become smarter than humans due to their computing power. In astrophysics, it is understood as a distortion related to space-time: then the known laws of physics may no longer apply. The word singularity refers to a certain point. It is the point at which the mass condenses from the surrounding horizon.